Air Suspension Design Book, Vol 1 – Link Based Rear Suspension

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    Volume 1 – 2nd Edition **now with a chapter dedicated to coilovers/static suspension**

    The first installment of the Air Suspension Design book is focusing on airbags and rear link-type suspensions. The general concept for the book is on proper link geometry while defining some terms and diving into more complex concepts, like airbag theory, shock theory, and motion ratios. The book also features five vehicles with different suspension systems to help show how some designs lend themselves better to differing space limitations.

    Please note that there is no universal answer to the question “what type of suspension should I install on my vehicle?” However, this book will help you make an educated decision for yourself.

  • Carroll Smith Books

    Tune to Win – Carroll dives pretty heavily into the basics of A-arm suspension theory in this one. And while it may be more involved than necessary for some people, there is a lot of wonderful information in there for someone who is looking for information on designing their own A-arm suspension. Engineer to Win – While, once again, more involved than necessary for the majority of people, there are two chapters in this book that should be read by anybody who plans to – or currently does – fabricate their own suspension parts. Carroll does a really great job explaining stress risers and proper bolt use in a way that makes sense for even a casual builder. Student Pack – This includes both Carroll Smith books and the Air Suspension Design Book. Fair warning: you will have to take into consideration that the information in these books is geared toward race cars, but the theories are still relevant.
  • Artist Packs


    Art Pack!!

    This pack includes a paperback copy of the book and your choice of either an 8x10 "Bag Brain" print and a pack of 4 anatomy stickers OR an 8x10 Tundra print and a pack of 4 automotive stickers... Or why not both?!

  • Art Things

    16x20 prints are done on rolled canvas which are oversized so you have more mounting options, are hand-signed, and limited to only 25 of each design. 11x14 prints are done on heavy matte paper 'Cerebrum Sacculi' - Latin for 'Bag Brain' original print artwork was done by Max Fish, using graphite on art paper. Toyota Tundra original artwork was done by Max Fish, using graphite and pastels on toned paper. Book Cover original artwork was done by Ed Tillrock, using a No. 2 pencil on white paper.
  • The Watts-link and Link Design downloads are both paper doll parts that are meant to be printed on cardstock and played with. While the Driveline worksheet is for gathering all of the necessary information for 2-piece driveline, u-joint angles.
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