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Air Suspension Design Book, Volume 1:

Rear, Link-Type suspension


Because the air suspension industry is commonly forced to eliminate whatever factory rear suspension their vehicle came equipped with, the need for a custom rear suspension is very common. The problem with this is that there is almost no definitive information regarding the best way to design a suspension for everyday use. Most suspension design books cater to a particular segment of the racing industry, which may seem useful on the surface, but can cause issues on a suspension that can be driven at potentially any height.

This book talks about how to design a neutral suspension that can be driven 1″ off of the ground or at almost full-lift while maintaining the driving confidence that your vehicle was designed with.

Here is a basic overview of the major subjects covered in the book:

Glossary – definition of common terms used in the book

Suspension Dynamic – how the suspension reacts to the road and the vehicle

Instant Center – what it is, how it works, and why it matters

Joints – types of joints and the difference between them

Bag Theory – basic concept of size vs. pressure and the differences between manufacturers

Shock Theory – basic concept of how they work, how to choose them, and ways to install them

Link Designs – different types of link systems and differences between them

Lateral Limiters – the popular systems and the proper way to set them up

Bad Habits – common bad habits and how to avoid them

Designing a Suspension – an overview of how to approach a frame/suspension design

Sample Suspensions – several examples of suspensions that have been designed to work around a particular issue.

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